The innovative application and implementation of the right technology holds the key. Technological breakthroughs with established records of performance offer the best, most cost-effective and immediate-impact solutions. Examples of such technologies already exist, and are now being brought to customers with the help of Berry Metal Company.

For many years, Berry Metal Company has developed technology with its own core business products, supplying Water-Cooled Oxygen Lances, Injection Lances, Sensor Lances, and Oxy-Fuel Burners specifically designed for basic oxygen furnaces, electric arc furnaces and other refining processes, as well as special purpose, non-ferrous and research-related products.

Not only do we continue to focus and improve our core business, but we are bringing present day engineering to Blast Furnace Products such as UltraLife® Cast Copper Staves, Wear Monitor System, Double Locking Stave Brick, and Hot Blast System and Cast House Equipment. Berry Metal also partners with equipment and technology companies as well as producers around the globe to maximize existing assets, to improve today’s Iron and Steelmaking processes, and to develop tomorrow’s advances.

Some examples include:

  • UltraLife® Copper Staves – Improving Blast Furnace campaign life, maximizing long term profitability.
  • HIsarna® – Alternative iron making technology that eliminates code and sintering, reduces energy use in CO2 output.
  • Iron Reduction Technology – New hot metal production technology that is a coke free, natural gas fired process with drastically reduced CO2 emissions.

Berry Metal Company is making additional technological innovations available to our customers such as:

Movable QBOP Lance Platform to assist with Lance positioning:

  • Moves in X, Y, Z Axis
  • Better Lance control
  • In-process Lance manipulation

Improved design Hood Plug:

  • Reduced furnace emmissions
  • EPA compliant
  • 7 to 8 nitrogen injectors
  • Eliminates fugitive emissions
  • Self-aligning seal
  • Counter current gas flow
  • Maintenance friendly

UltraLife® Copper Coolers:

  • Patented UltraLife® design
  • Cast-in pipe coil assembly
  • Optional intertwined dual circuits
  • Ability to cast any size and shape
  • Lifetime of up to (10) years
  • Durable design
  • Slag pockets for further thermal and wear protection
  • Robust mounting
  • For EAFs, Blast Furnaces, and Smelters

Novel Flash Ironmaking Project (in collaboration with AISI, DOE and University of Utah):

  • Equipment engineering, design and supply.
  • New hot metal production technology that is a coke free, natural gas fired process with drastically reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Anticipated start up Summer 2015.

Automated valve design and analysis:

  • Verify correct component interaction
  • Identify potential weak spots in valve bodies
  • Analyze flow performance at various open positions and conditions

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Additionally, Berry Metal Company provides:

  • BOF Slag Detection System (SDS)
  • Thermocouple Lance
  • Lime Lance
  • Camera Lance
  • Leak Detection for EAF Panels
  • Quick Tap Lance
  • Coal Gasification
  • State-of-the-art manipulator and coupler systems
  • Advanced laser and camera measuring instruments