Berry Metal Company offers a complete range of Staves including copper and cast iron designs for the Hearth, Bosh, and Stack. Berry Metal Blast Furnace Products have been developed to overcome weaknesses associated with standard designs. Continuous improvements and product enhancements will ensure that Berry Metal Blast Furnace Products endure in the harsh and ever-changing blast furnace environment.

UltraLife® Stave and Double Locking Refractory System

UltraLife® Copper Staves design features:

  • Staves Bosh Row 1Proven, reliable design
  • Imbedded “cast-in” pipe with superior pipe bond
  • Flexibility of cooling circuit design
  • Double compartment, intertwined circuit designs allowing for closer water pipes, consistent high water velocity, uniform stave temperature and double protection against leakage.
  • Adaptation to existing equipment / shell penetrations
  • Uniform face profile regardless of irregular shell conditions, uniform flow profile, consistent pressure drop
  • Ease of installation
  • Staves in service since 2002 without a stave replacement

Patented UltraLife® Copper Casting Technology eliminates the following failure mechanism associated with drilled and plugged staves:

  • Project CompleteWater pipe welds at back of the stave
  • Flat faceted furnace profiles
  • Plug welds
  • Large distances between water channels
  • Compensator bellows

UltraLife® Double-Locking Refractory System (Patent Pending):

  • Eliminates weld cracking, stave defection, exposed ram gaps, protruding edges and stress concentrations that cause isolated loss of refractory and accretions.
  • Increases vertical brick strength
  • Circular expansion, groove lock maintains an intimate bond between stave and refractory
  • Eliminates copper stave face abrasion with protective refractory layer
  • Allows refractory replacement without removing the stave.

UltraLife® Double-Locking Long Lasting Refractory Materials:

  • High quality graphite and SiC refractories for increased life
  • Material selections for your specific application
  • Interchangeable design for multiple materials
  • All materials establish a round profile to your furnace

Copper Stave Water Pipe and Plug Weld Repair System (Patent Pending):

  • UntitledRepair the failures of traditional drilled and plugged stave systems
  • Quick installation to allow short outage repairs
  • Reestablishes water cooling directly to copper surfaces
  • Custom designed and tested for your application, on-site support and training

CIM-Cooler Backup Cooling for Damaged Cooling Water Circuits (Patent Pending):

  • CIM-Cooler MK IIb ImageTemporary replacement for cooling water circuits that are damaged or leaking during production
  • Allows the process to continue until repairs can be made
  • Uses atomized water in the cooling gas to allow for optimum cooling
  • Nitrogen and air or any pressurized gas with good thermal transfer properties can be used for cooling
  • Water flow is typically less than 5 gpm (20 lpm) allowing little to no water being introduced to the process

Wear Monitors

  • wear monitorsAllows for continuous monitoring of process information
  • Accurately measures stave and refractory thickness
  • Can be installed and read during routine furnace outages
  • Can be retrofit to existing stave systems or included in original installation
  • Ability to identify if refractory is wearing and can be replaced without removing staves
  • Helps to extend furnace campaigns and improve operating methods

Blast Furnace Cooling Component Design and Failure Analysis:

  • Blast Furnace CoolingRoot cause analysis for cooling component failures
  • Computational fluid dynamics, thermal and stress analyses for failure validation and replacement design verification
  • Assistance in development of operational changes to increase lining life

Additional Equipment Includes:

  • Cast Copper Hearth Staves
  • Cast Iron Staves
  • Copper Plate Coolers
  • Cigar Coolers
  • Taphole Seal Plates

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Additionally, Berry Metal Company provides:

  • Post Combustion Lances and Lance Tips
  • Camera Lances
  • Contact Shoes for LMF & EAF Electrode Holders
  • Water-Cooled Fabricated Panels for Sidewall Burners and EBT Burners
  • Water-Cooled Fabricated Sand Hole Panel
  • Pipe bending and fabrication
  • Spare Parts