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The Sublance is an important tool in BOF Steelmaking.  It provides the operator with valuable process information with the convertor still in the vertical position.  Typically, two Sublance readings are made during the blow, one during the blow for in-process data and one at the end of the heat for final readings.  Temperature, carbon and a slag sample are normally measured.  Steel bath height and the slag levels are also realized with a Sublance system.

Berry Metal is a market leader in the design, repair, and improvement of a water-cooled Sublance, specializing in the following:

  • Tapered lance tips
  • Special Chrome coated barrel
  • Specially designed Lance probe holders
  • Proven long service life
  • Quick dependable lance repair

Additionally, Berry Metal Company provides:

  • Slag Splashing Lances
  • Oxy-gas Burner Lances and Lance Tips
  • Oxy-oil Burner Lances and Lance Tips
  • Auxiliary Lance Tips
  • Calorized Lance Tips
  • Special Coated Pipe and Lance Tips
  • Water Spray Rings
  • Oil Seal Rings
  • Spare Parts