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  • Backdraft
  • Blow Off
  • Burner Shut-off
  • Chimney
  • Cold Blast
  • Cold Blast Mixer
  • Combustion Air Regulator
  • Combustion Air Shut-off
  • Gas Shut-off
  • Gas Regulating Butterfly
  • Gas Safety Shut-off
  • Goggle
  • Hot Blast

Tuyere Stocks

  • Consists of Expansion Joint and Blowpipe Assembly (consisting of the Lower Elbow with Peepsight and Blowpipe)
  • High temperature design for modern Hot Blast Systems
  • Suitable for both large and small furnaces
  • Design features that make maintenance easier and quicker

Expansion Joint

  • Dual Bellows design for longer life
  • Designed to allow maximum movement between Bustle Pipe and Tuyere
  • Physical stops limit pivoting movement and eliminate linear movement
  • Expansion Joint refractory lining has spherical joints to enable maximum pivoting movement without damaging refractory lining.
  • Blast flow monitoring

Blowpipe Assembly

  • Horizontal flange on Expansion Joint and Lower Elbow for quick removal in installation
  • Quick release peepsight door without wedges
  • Peepsight designed with isolation valve and block detection system available
  • Integrated Bridle Rod mounting brackets for quick removal and installation
  • Can be designed to readily accept existing or new auxiliary fuel injections (Gas, coal or oil injection lances)
  • Water cooled nose option

Additionally, Berry Metal Company provides:

  • Slag Splashing Lances
  • Oxy-gas Burner Lances and Lance Tips
  • Oxy-oil Burner Lances and Lance Tips
  • Auxiliary Lance Tips
  • Calorized Lance Tips
  • Special Coated Pipe and Lance Tips
  • Water Spray Rings
  • Oil Seal Rings
  • Spare Parts