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  • Our patented designed Oxygen/Carbon Injection Lances permit steelmakers to simultaneously inject oxygen and carbon into the bath through one Lance.
  • Our unique designs allow for carbon to be either injected below or above the oxygen nozzle, each of which has its unique benefits.
  • The Lance is designed for quick and safe Lance repairs.
  • Nozzle design flexibility with various Lance Tip configurations.
  • Either sidewall or slag door mounting depending on needs.
  • Optimal slag foaming with high carbon efficiency rates.

Additionally, Berry Metal Company provides:

  • Post Combustion Lances and Lance Tips
  • Camera Lances
  • Contact Shoes for LMF & EAF Electrode Holders
  • Water-Cooled Fabricated Panels for Sidewall Burners and EBT Burners
  • Water-Cooled Fabricated Sand Hole Panel
  • Pipe bending and fabrication
  • Spare Parts