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Our unique design features of Oxygen/Gas Burners and Lances include:

  • Flexible nozzle designs allowing for various Burner and Lance Tip configurations
  • Designed to operate with multiple types of combustion gases i.e. – LPG, NG
  • Can be supplied in both water cooled or non-water cooled design
  • Combination Burner / Lances can be used as oxygen injection lances, for refining as well as preheating and melting of scrap.
  • Used for helping keep slag door area clean and heating “cold spots” in the furnace.
  • Water cooled design allows for quick and safe Tip replacement and repair.
  • Burners can be custom fit to existing furnace openings or designed in combination with a replacement shell panel.
  • Can be adapted to either sidewall or slag door mounting depending requirements.

Additionally, Berry Metal Company provides:

  • Post Combustion Lances and Lance Tips
  • Camera Lances
  • Contact Shoes for LMF & EAF Electrode Holders
  • Water-Cooled Fabricated Panels for Sidewall Burners and EBT Burners
  • Water-Cooled Fabricated Sand Hole Panel
  • Pipe bending and fabrication
  • Spare Parts