Lime Carbon

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Carbon Injection is an important tool for EAF Steelmaking.  An efficient carbon Injection practice for increased foamy slags has many benefits, to include the following:

  • Reduced power on time
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Yield improvement
  • Improved electrode consumption
  • Refractory savings

EAF’s can operate with (1) or more carbon injection points depending on the furnace size, but usually not more than (4).  Carbon can be injected via a water-cooled oxy-gas burner, a water-cooled panel and through a water-cooled lance.  Berry Metal has engineering and manufacturing expertise for all (3) of these carbon injection techniques.  Berry Metal designs, supplies, and repairs any size carbon injector to suite all requirements and fit all types of furnace shell designs.

Berry Metal has a new and improved air assisted carbon injection lance assembly with a special carbon nozzle.

Lime Injection is relatively new in the EAF world.  Injection of Dolo and HiCal lime in the EAF has gained acceptance and interest for many steel producers.  Lime has been traditionally charged in the scrap bucket or top charged via bags or a conveyor.  Lime Injection through specially design sidewall lances or burners has resulted in several benefits for the steelmaker, to include the following:

  • Reduced lime consumption
  • Slag flexibility
  • Environmental safety considerations
  • Reduced lime waste in the bag house

Additionally, Berry Metal Company provides:

  • Post Combustion Lances and Lance Tips
  • Camera Lances
  • Contact Shoes for LMF & EAF Electrode Holders
  • Water-Cooled Fabricated Panels for Sidewall Burners and EBT Burners
  • Water-Cooled Fabricated Sand Hole Panel
  • Pipe bending and fabrication
  • Spare Parts