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Our patented, specially-designed Tips come in an array of sizes and nozzle configurations. All Lance Tips are designed for quick and safe Lance repairs. Specially-designed water passages allow for ideal water velocities and improved cooling dynamics to provide optimal heat transfer and maximum life. Berry Metal Company engineers the oxygen nozzles to provide desired bath penetration and coverage. Our local service specialists work with each steel plant to optimize their Tip design to suit their individual operations. SRP™ nozzle designs can be supplied for enhanced oxygen jet performance. Our Lance Tips are designed to:

  • Lower oxygen consumption per ton
  • Increase oxygen flow rate through the Lance
  • Lower slag FeO levels
  • Achieve deeper bath penetration, better mixing and quicker ignition

Additionally, Berry Metal Company provides:

  • Slag Splashing Lances
  • Oxy-gas Burner Lances and Lance Tips
  • Oxy-oil Burner Lances and Lance Tips
  • Auxiliary Lance Tips
  • Calorized Lance Tips
  • Special Coated Pipe and Lance Tips
  • Water Spray Rings
  • Oil Seal Rings
  • Spare Parts