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Our specially designed 5″ and 6″ Tips come in an array of lengths and hole configurations and are designed for quick and safe Lance repairs. Benefits include:

  • Specially designed bullet configuration to resist mechanical damage.
  • Contoured Tip face reduces oxygen blow-back.
  • Specially designed water passages to allow for optimal water velocities and improved cooling dynamics to provide maximum life.
  • Range of oxygen flow rates up to 4,000 SCFM.
  • Special Tip configuration to accommodate oxygen nozzle angles ranging from 15 to 50 degrees, providing additional lancing options.
  • Engineered oxygen nozzles to provide optimal bath penetration and coverage.
  • Copper Bullet® Tips can be designed with the SRP™ design which can:
    • Lower oxygen consumption per ton
    • Increase oxygen flow rate through the Lance
    • Lower slag FeO levels
    • Achieve deeper bath penetration, better mixing and quicker ignition

Additionally, Berry Metal Company provides:

  • Post Combustion Lances and Lance Tips
  • Camera Lances
  • Contact Shoes for LMF & EAF Electrode Holders
  • Water-Cooled Fabricated Panels for Sidewall Burners and EBT Burners
  • Water-Cooled Fabricated Sand Hole Panel
  • Pipe bending and fabrication
  • Spare Parts