Water-Cooled Oxygen Lance Design and Repair

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Berry Metal Company has over 60 years of experience and service in the steelmaking industry. Advantages include:

  • Double O-ring design provides protection from the intermixing of oxygen and water.
  • Internal slip joints to allow for thermal expansion and contraction resulting in no internal stress.
  • Modular design allows for easy inspection and repair.

Berry Metal offers:

  • First-class, timely repairs enabling us to meet immediate deadlines.
  • Excellent technical service.
  • High-quality welds on fabricated parts and supplied component parts:
    • All welders are certified in accordance to ASME Section IX
    • Conformance to customer’s specifications and tolerances
  • Convenient repair locations in Harmony, PA and LaPorte, IN.
  • Delivery on special Berry Metal Company trucks is available.
  • Complete product failure analysis to help improve product performance, as requested.

Additionally, Berry Metal Company provides:

  • Slag Splashing Lances
  • Oxy-gas Burner Lances and Lance Tips
  • Oxy-oil Burner Lances and Lance Tips
  • Auxiliary Lance Tips
  • Calorized Lance Tips
  • Special Coated Pipe and Lance Tips
  • Water Spray Rings
  • Oil Seal Rings
  • Spare Parts