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The Berry Metal Story

Berry Metal Company is recognized as the world’s leading technology-based designer and manufacturer of injection lances for the steelmaking industry. Over its 60 years in business, Berry Metal Company has earned a reputation not only for quality products but also for its technical services and repair capability. Today, we are taking the lead in establishing partnerships with technological innovators around the world.

The idea remains the same as ever – to serve existing and new clients as a trusted value-added provider of new innovations to help improve efficiency, lower costs and increase throughput in the steelmaking process. We are all about advancing breakthrough technology for our clients.

Berry Metal Company's goal is to deliver tomorrow's technology for companies to use today.


Retaining a competitive advantage in the steelmaking industry today means companies must step up their performance to levels not achieved before. The innovative application and implementation of the right technology holds the key.

Technological breakthroughs with established records of performance offer the best, most cost-effective and immediate-impact solution. Examples of such technologies already exist, and are now being brought to customers with the help of Berry Metal Company.


Great service, relentlessly practiced and flawlessly delivered, creates an environment where customers choose you first. They believe in what you promise. They buy not only on price, or only on quality, but on trust. Those kinds of sales build mutually beneficial relationships, which in turn build long-term success for everyone involved.ips.

That’s why Berry Metal has always practiced an approach of treating service at least as important as – and perhaps even more important than – the initial sale. Backed by ISO-9001 Certification, we go beyond standard service levels to provide ongoing technical engineering support.



To succeed in a new environment of higher competitiveness and performance, players must embrace change and be willing to change themselves. So, as the steel industry is changing, so is Berry Metal Company.

We bring technology to help companies win within this environment of change. Berry Metal is creating and developing the conditions for players in the steel industry to identify and implement changes that benefit them immediately.